GotInk? This year at PROCESS EXPO, we are doing PROCESS EXPO Ink even better. Some on the outside may think, “Food Processing… tattoos… something here doesn’t sound right…” Well, there is something right! Tattoos are a gateway of creativity just begging to be shown off! It’s a representation of whatever you want on the most invaluable canvas: YOU. FPSA wants to give you a chance to show off your tattoos. Regardless of whether you are in Chicago or not, we want you to be part of our Ink family.

We will be creating a display at PROCESS EXPO to showcase your amazing submissions, letting the attendees see whose tattoo is at the top of the food chain!

Contest categories:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Black Tattoo
  • Best Color Tattoo

Christian DiMenna, the owner of LOVECRAFT TATTOO, will be judging your amazing body art.


Please complete the form below to enter the PROCESS EXPO Ink contest. Winners will be notified via email before the show. Please note, show attendance is NOT required to win!

Participants are welcome to come to booth 3450 at PROCESS EXPO between Tuesday and Friday to show Christian DiMenna your tattoo in person.

Entries for PROCESS EXPO Ink are now closed.