Three Working Production Lines


Check out the ever-popular, interactive, fully functional production lines on the show floor. No other show offers this unique experience to see technology in action — from creation to the final packaged product. Three diverse industry sectors represented. Stay tuned for more information.

Meat Production Line 
PROCESS EXPO 2021 will feature an automated meatball line that starts with raw product to be ground, formed, processed, cooked, frozen and inspected before moving on to being packaged for the consumer. This meatball line will include the latest innovations from a wide variety of equipment manufacturers who are coming together to demonstrate the latest in technology for PROCESS EXPO attendees.

Prepared Foods Line
Plant-based proteins are one of the hottest products out there in today’s food industry. PROCESS EXPO exhibitors are joining forces to put together a plant-based chicken nugget that will run several times a day, and walk attendees through the process of creating this popular product. Featuring some of the industry’s biggest names in equipment design, we will walk the attendee through the production process during daily demonstrations to help you understand the complexities of each step.

Bakery Line
Be sure not to miss the third production line at PROCESS EXPO as we create gluten-free dinner rolls. This innovative line will begin at our mixer and the introduction of our gluten-free ingredients and run all the way through to final packaging. This automated line will include the latest technologies in mixing, depositing, baking, freezing, inspecting and packaging. Given the challenges of working with gluten-free formulations, this demonstration will help processors better understand the tools at their disposal to produce this popular product.


  • PROCESS EXPO attendees listen to production line speaker

Watch a short video on how suppliers are working together to run live demonstrations with full working production lines right on the show floor — available ONLY at PROCESS EXPO.