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Heat exchangers have long been a vital tool for pasteurization, sterilization, and other food processing needs. And while the technology is mature, there’s still plenty of innovation happening. To learn more about it, we talked with Melissa Fryer, an engineer with 20 years’ experience and a food industry veteran who’s currently a manager for the […]

Considerations for Validation of Thermal Processes used in the Manufacture of Low Moisture Foods Recent outbreaks/recalls due to Salmonella in low-moisture foods, and pending FSMA Preventive Controls rules, make processing interventions an imperative to ensure product safety. Technologies including, ’legacy’ technologies previously designed to achieve quality outcomes, but not designed as ‘kill steps’ (e.g., drying […]

In recent months, we’ve looked at how food processing companies are preparing for FSMA implementation by investing in sanitary design. Equipment that ensures safe processing and clean-up is essential to a sanitary operating environment. But what about the products that actually get the cleaning done — the chemicals and detergents, even the water used to […]

With FSMA coming up and more focus on food safety across the industry, we’re seeing major improvements in sanitary equipment design. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, advancements like non-overlapping surfaces and stainless steel materials enhance food safety by making food processing equipment much more accessible for maintenance and cleaning. One area of the food […]