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Steam plays a crucial role in industrial processes ranging from food and beverage manufacturing to healthcare, automotive, and beyond. In food processing, steam is used primarily for three purposes. It provides indirect heat. It sterilizes equipment. And it’s used for food applications, such as in an oven to make bread crusty. As you can see, […]

No one knows who invented the hamburger. (There does indeed seem to exist a link to the city of Hamburg, Germany. And at least two American cities claim to have popularized putting chopped and seasoned meat in between two pieces of bread.) But it’s very clear who was at the forefront of automated burger patty […]

Heat exchangers have long been a vital tool for pasteurization, sterilization, and other food processing needs. And while the technology is mature, there’s still plenty of innovation happening. To learn more about it, we talked with Melissa Fryer, an engineer with 20 years’ experience and a food industry veteran who’s currently a manager for the […]

When you think about industrial-scale food preservation, it’s unlikely that old-fashioned Mason jars come to mind. Until relatively recently, however, most food manufacturers relied on processes similar to traditional canning. While such hot-fill methods produce shelf-stable products, they necessitate expensive packaging and can compromise product integrity.  Enter aseptic processing and packaging. This ever-growing technology has […]

Efficiency — how to optimize it? And waste — how to minimize it? These questions fuel nearly every decision made today in the world of business and industry, from financial planning to industrial design. Companies want to avoid wasting both tangible assets — water, energy, product — and that great intangible — time. And then, […]

There’s no doubt that consumer demand for premium foods is having a significant impact on the food processing industry. Food manufacturers are scrambling to produce fresh, clean-label products to keep up with market enthusiasm. But the push for premium doesn’t only impact food processors. Companies that make equipment for use in food processing must also […]

The trade show that you’ve exhibited in has come to a close, and now you’re are back in the office, winding down, but the show’s not over yet! Ensure trade show ROI by working the leads that you gathered from the show floor. The PROCESS EXPO team sat down with Food Industry Trade Show Consultant, […]

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