Winning sales

The 2018 FPSA Sales Conference will feature two days of education and networking to help you accelerate sales growth and improve sales performance and results. We recently interviewed Kelly Riggs, who will be conducting a half-day workshop entitled “Winning Business in the Modern Sales Environment.”

Most salespeople are terrible at their job. That’s not a judgment — it’s a conclusion based on evaluations of more than 650,000 salespeople working across many industries.

The data, from Objective Management Group, show that 6% of salespeople are elite, 20% are good but could be better, and a full 74% are failing. To make matters worse, the salespeople in the bottom quartile are “hopeless.”

What’s the difference between good and elite? Or even between failing and getting the job done? “Training!” says award-winning salesperson, acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and founder of The Business LockerRoom, Kelly Riggs. “There’s no other part of business where we’d accept a failure rate of 3 out of 4. Salespeople are typically only trained in tactical areas, like how to handle objections. But if you’re not in front of the right people at the right time with the right message, it doesn’t matter how you handle objections. Good training teaches salespeople how to think like business people.”

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