Salesperson closing a deal

The 2018 FPSA Sales Conference will feature two days of education and networking to help you accelerate sales growth and improve sales performance and results. We recently interviewed Matt Heinz, who will give a presentation entitled “Content That Converts — A Proven, Profitable & Scalable Approach.”

“You need content.” You’ve probably heard this sentence hundreds of times. But do you really understand what content is and, more importantly, how to leverage it to generate revenue?

Don’t worry if the answer is “no.” Many marketing and sales teams don’t have a clear handle on how to use content to generate sales.

That’s exactly the skills gap that Matt Heinz helps companies fill. Heinz has had a long career in B2B marketing and sales. He started out at Microsoft, then spent 5 years honing his craft at startups before launching his own business — Heinz Marketing — 10 years ago. Today, Heinz provides a range of services that help companies build their sales pipeline, close business, and accelerate revenue. At this year’s FPSA Sales Conference, he will be speaking about how content supports these efforts.

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