Show management loves to talk about how PROCESS EXPO is horizontal but what does that mean to you the exhibitor specifically for next year’s show?

Well, it’s pretty simple. As you know, PROCESS EXPO attendees come to the show looking for solutions in the segments that they operate. What you might not realize is that they also come to see solutions from other segments in hopes of applying that technology for the first time in their segment, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. We call it cross-pollination. What should you call it? NEW BUSINESS!!

For the 2019 show, we’ll be introducing a number of new tools to help attendees in this search for technology from other segments. These include:

  • Predictive Registration – Upon completion of registration, the attendee will receive a confirmation email that will contain links to recommended exhibitors lists and educational sessions based on their demographic information
  • Industry specific floorplans and brochures onsite to help them more easily identify the solutions they are looking for, among the 500+ exhibitors on the PROCESS EXPO show floor
  • Industry specific search functions on the PROCESS EXPO website, product locators and mobile app
  • Industry specific tours of the show floor
  • New industry specific designations for display in each booth to help attendees easily identify what markets you sell to
  • More clearly identifiable attendee show badges that will assist you in recognizing the application needs and desires of the attendee

In short, all of these tools are designed to make it easier for the attendees to find what they are looking for both before, during and after the show.

What can you do?

  • Bring what the customer wants to see. That’s equipment and experts. That’s why processors come to the show. If you say you offer solutions to this segment, make sure you have something in your booth to show the customer and someone who can talk to them. Unless you’ve got unlimited budget and booth space, start planning now.
  • Update your company information on the CORE to include all the markets you sell to. If you want to be included in all those new tools above for any particular market, you need to let us know you sell to it. Don’t assume we know.
  • Look at your booth decoration/messaging. What is the message you are conveying? Will the casual attendee who walks by see that you sell to multiple segments? Maybe you are too targeted. Think about it.
  • Plan and execute your pre-show marketing accordingly. Want to increase leads from this market or that? Don’t jump through all the hoops of these previous bullets only to leave it to chance that these attendees will find you. Invite them to come look for you. PROCESS EXPO provides a number of FREE marketing tools to help you promote your presence. Not enough? We can also connect you with our vendors to help you get the word out, and/or identify new targets. PROCESS EXPO attracts processors from all segments, your leads should reflect that.

What’s the big deal about horizontal? Because a horizontal show is the answer for attendees who are looking for more than a single solution for their needs – something that PROCESS EXPO uniquely provides. Let’s make sure they find you in 2019!