We don’t just run a trade show. We attend them and exhibit at them, so we too are always in the process of trying to find a good deal on housing. Maybe that’s why we also attract scammers, just like our exhibitors do.

In fact, when they call us pitching cheap rooms for PROCESS EXPO I’ll admit I even like to play with them to hear how good their pitch is, but also because I know they’re full of something.

Last week’s call was better than most. Very professional. He even admitted to my assistant that his company wasn’t with Show Management. “Pretty honest,” I thought to myself.

No, he claimed his company was connected to McCormick Place. “Sonofa…” my attitude changed.

We went to the website the caller gave us. It looked legit enough but here’s the thing, IT DIDN’T SHOW ANY CHICAGO HOTELS!

Upon further examination, the company wasn’t even located into the USA. Who knows who they were or what they would have done with our credit card information, and that’s my point.

At each PROCESS EXPO we hear from the occasional attendee, and sometimes exhibitor, who got suckered into a deal that turned out to be too good to be true. Remember that the next time you get offered a great discount on hotel rooms, you are going to be providing your contact information and credit card number to people that are not associated with PROCESS EXPO. They frequently have only 2-3 rooms at the advertised hotel; subcontract to 3rd party travel agents outside the U.S.; and are extremely difficult to track down by telephone or through their websites. These are not reputable companies.

Believe me, I’m all about a deal but in this case, you’ll be paying in the long run.