Ever since PROCESS EXPO broke out as a stand-alone trade show in 2011, we have promoted it to food and beverage processors as North America’s premier event for manufacturing solutions across all segments of the ever-evolving food and beverage industry. What made sense in 2011 seems to hold true even more so today with food processors under more pressure than ever to find/develop/acquire products that provide a competitive advantage and a boost to their bottom line. Whether these new products reside within their core vertical or not is now secondary to the impact they can have on the processors’ business. And when that new opportunity happens to be in a different vertical than what they know, who can they go to for solutions? That’s where PROCESS EXPO comes in.

We talk about PROCESS EXPO being a horizontal show but what does that look like? Maybe it’s a large meat processor purchasing a line of ovens used in the baking industry because these cut down the processing time for their jerky, and more importantly save them a considerable amount of money. For an exhibitor who would typically say that 99% of their annual revenue came from bakery, that turned out to be their largest sale of the year.

This is just one example of how technology gets cross pollinized at PROCESS EXPO. There are probably a million more we don’t know about. They come to PROCESS EXPO for the variety of solutions on display and the expertise that they know they’ll find on the exhibit floor.

And this is why for PROCESS EXPO 2019, we are working twice as hard to identify the different industry verticals that you sell to – to make it easier for those prospects to find you. New search functions, targeted industry segment brochures, floorplans and tours, and badges that indicate market sector, all these new concepts will be on display at PROCESS EXPO 2019 for the express purpose of making it easier for our attendees to find the solutions they are looking for.

As an exhibitor, make sure it’s your solution they are finding by updating your information today.