PROCESS EXPO 2017 Meat Production Line

I was on a call recently trying to understand why an important client had not yet registered to attend PROCESS EXPO. After all, as a meat processor in Mexico I knew there are a lot of suppliers on our floor that he does business with. He said he would probably go but he was busy and after all if he missed it, he’d just go to Expo Carnes a few month later.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Really? Nothing against Expo Carnes. In fact, I like Expo Carnes a lot but I told him, “How many Production Lines are you going to see at Expo Carnes???”

Silence. He didn’t know what I was talking about.

“Production lines…” I knew I was saying it right. My Spanish is pretty good. “We’ve got five different lines that will be running during the show.”

That seemed to change everything for him. Sliced and packaged pepperoni. Ground beef patties. Pet food kibble. Frozen pizzas and sliced cheese. All automated. All starting from scratch. All finishing up in the packaged product ready for the consumer.

Each of these lines will have a hosted demonstration three times a day where we will walk the audience through the process, step by step to explain what each piece of equipment is doing. Each demonstration will give attendees the opportunity to meet with representatives from each OEM to discuss the lines or the specific piece of equipment and how it might be applied to their operations.

Production lines. We can’t say it enough. There’s no other show where you’ll see this. It’s too complicated. It’s too expensive to put together. It certainly is a lot of work, I can attest to that!

But you can’t miss this.