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By Andy Drennan

This morning I came in a little bit early, thanks to the fact that the school buses are now on a different schedule with the school year winding down. It reminds me of how much I used to love this time of year as a kid – sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and no homework for the next few months.

Ironic, then, that I’m so excited about the educational program for PROCESS EXPO, which we released just this week.

Based on feedback from customers, our Education sub-committee recommended some changes that we’ll be implementing into this year’s program:

  1. Shorter sessions. Most sessions will now run 30 minutes, giving attendees the ability to get to the heart of the topic and then back to business out on the show floor.
  2. A wider variety of topics. IIOT, Water Treatment, Cannabis Topics, Automation, Food Safety, Alternative Production, and the list goes on…..
  3. More panels. This year’s program will feature panels on Food Safety in Packaging Equipment, IIOT, Food Safety in Pet Foods, and How to Break into the Legal Cannabis Edibles Market.
  4. Cutting-edge F&B topics and speakers. From the CEO of Green Giant Fresh and Growers Express discussing turning “ugly” vegetable waste into profitable, dynamic new products to the CEO and President of Improved Nature, a leader in the alternative protein segment, who will be presenting advances and opportunities in this market, the program focuses on where the industry is headed.
  5. Cannabis. Illinois is the latest state on the path to legalized cannabis. There are still many questions about how food processors can take advantage of this new market, as well as how cannabis processors can partner with equipment manufacturers to take their production, especially in edibles, to the next level. This year’s program features five sessions addressing these topics.

But not everything has changed. The educational theaters are still right on the show floor, so you can zip right in and see the sessions you want.

Also back by popular demand is the Food Safety track put on by our partners at the Food Safety Summit. These sessions include:

  • What Food Processors Need to Know to Protect their Brand
  • How Food Processors Should Be Working with Their Local Food & Drug Officials
  • Food Fraud and Intentional Adulteration
  • Food Safety Transportation Act and the Impact for Food Processors
  • Microbial Intervention in Food Processing
  • Food Safety Tips for Produce Processors

We’ll be announcing the complete schedule later this month, so stay tuned for updates. And if you haven’t registered for PROCESS EXPO yet, what are you waiting for? Register here.