PROCESS EXPO is bringing back PROCESS EXPO Ink and this year, we are doing it even bigger and better!  Some on the outside may think, “Food Processing… tattoos… something here doesn’t sound right…” Well, there is something right! Tattoos are a gateway of creativity just begging to be shown off! It’s a representation of whatever you want on the most invaluable canvas:  YOU.

PROCESS EXPO Ink will occur in two parts:  1) an online submission that runs from now until September 30, where whether or not you are attending PROCESS EXPO, you can present your Ink for consideration; and 2) “The Best of the Day,” where each day of PROCESS EXPO anyone can stop by the Ink booth and present their tattoo. Our resident artist Christian DiMenna will pick a winner, and the winner will receive a prize. Within the booth itself we will have Polaroids of the daily submissions creating our Ink collage.

Contest categories are as follows:  best black tattoo, best color tattoo, and best overall tattoo. Interested in sharing your Ink? Submit an image of your tattoo here. Submissions are due by September 30, 2019. For more information, visit our PROCESS EXPO Ink page or contact Nicole McKenzie at [email protected].