If you’ve been to PROCESS EXPO in the past, you know that it’s the best place to meet suppliers from across the food industry and learn about the latest innovations in processing equipment.

This year, though, be prepared for your PROCESS EXPO experience to be taken up a few notches. For the first time at an industry trade show, not only will suppliers be demonstrating equipment in their booths, but several suppliers are collaborating to create working production lines of actual finished food products. These lines will run three times a day in processing demonstrations facilitated by the Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance (MISA), providing processors with the opportunity to interact with the equipment manufacturers and see how the various machines work in an environment similar to a processing facility.

The two production lines will focus on deli meats and sausage:

  • Deli line: Stuffing, slicing, and packaging
  • Sausage link/hang line: Cutting, mixing, stuffing, linking, and hanging

Here are the suppliers whose equipment will be featured:

  • AmTrade Systems, Inc.
  • GEA North America
  • Handtmann, Inc.
  • JBT Corporation
  • Mimasa a PRIMEdge Inc. Company
  • RapidPak – Middleby Processing and Packaging
  • Nu-Meat Technology
  • Poly-clip System
  • Viskase Companies, Inc.
  • Weber, Inc.

Jarrod McCarroll, CEO of Weber, Inc., and Chairman of MISA said: “These production lines are a great way for processors to see the full line in action, to avoid potential purchasing mistakes, and discuss issues, ideas, and thoughts with the suppliers face to face that might make a production line more effective and efficient.”

Working production lines aren’t the only new things you’ll find at PROCESS EXPO this year. The show will also mark the debut of the interactive Innovations Showcase and Awards program, which provides exhibitors with an additional opportunity to present their best new innovations of the year.

Also new to the program is the Processor Spotlight Series as part of the show’s extensive educational program. This series will feature speakers from several food processing companies discussing topics of critical concern from the food processor’s perspective.

We’re also thrilled to announce that PROCESS EXPO has been selected as part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program Select (IBP), which pre-screens foreign buyers and helps them make connections with domestic companies. FPSA Chairman and Handtmann Inc. President Tom Kittle commented: “This is a win-win program for US companies interested in exporting their products and equipment overseas and for international buyers looking to purchase those products.”

For those of you who’ve enjoyed PROCESS EXPO in the past, we hope these programs serve to enrich your trade show experience. If you’ve never been to the show, we encourage you to come out and take advantage of the myriad opportunities PROCESS EXPO offers for learning, networking, and growing your business.

PROCESS EXPO takes place September 19-22 in Chicago. Register here.