In just a few short weeks, registration will open for PROCESS EXPO 2019. If the 2019 marketing campaign is anything like that of the last show, we expect an opening rush of food and beverage processors signing up to take advantage of early promotions.

One new feature attendees will see in their registration confirmation is a link to recommended highlights of the show based on the industry segment(s) they report while signing up.

You’re a dairy processor? Here’s a list of all the PROCESS EXPO exhibitors who sell to the dairy industry.

You come from the bakery sector? Make sure you check out the live production line. Here is the schedule for demonstrations!

Meat processor? Here is a list of all the companies you need to think about visiting!

But how does this affect the exhibitor, you might ask? You want to be on those highlight lists of exhibitors, right? Have you added your market segments/industry verticals to your profile on the CORE yet? Believe it or not, there are still exhibitors who have not done so.

In a recent conversation about this with an exhibitor he told me, “Just put the markets I had there last time.”

Well that’s the thing. We’ve never asked for this before. Maybe we just felt like the solutions would draw the right audience – build it and they will come.

Sorry, not good enough as one processor told me at the last show. With so many exhibitors on the show floor offering such a wide range of solutions, they need more of a road map. This is just one of the new ways we’ll be providing that. There are more to come.

In just a few weeks, the customer will start signing up. Make sure you’re on their list!