A guy walks into a booth with a parrot on his shoulder and a suitcase containing $2M in cash to buy equipment at PROCESS EXPO. Heard that one before? Actually, it’s a true story, except for the part about the parrot. This happened at the 2017 show when someone wanted to buy a few pieces of equipment for their legal cannabis business. Talk about a solid lead.

This incident helped make show management acutely aware of the tremendous opportunity that the cannabis market presents for PROCESS EXPO exhibitors. Two years later in 2019, the opportunity has only grown greater.

Since that day, we have conducted research and incorporated edible manufacturers into our target market for this year’s show. We are advertising to this market and conducting outreach to these processors who are in search of equipment to help them reach higher standards on a more consistent level. This is where you come in.

When these entrepreneurs come to PROCESS EXPO and are looking for help, when they are looking for equipment that can be used in this segment be it food or beverage, processing or packaging, do you have products that should be on that list?

If so, I encourage you to email me at [email protected] and tell me what product you’ll have that they might be interested in. That way, when they show up at the Information Counter or in the VIP Platinum Lounge we’ll steer them towards your booth.

“We don’t do it this way for other industry segments,” you might be saying. And you’d be right. This market is so new to us, we have not yet set it up within our product categories or industry segments but if it keeps growing the way it appears, that won’t be far off. In the meantime, we don’t want to make them walk too far with their suitcase to find your booth!