If you’ve been paying attention to these blog entries, you might have said to yourself, “Jeez, they don’t stop talking about all this Horizontal stuff with this year’s show.” And you’d be right.

If you think that’s bad, we’ve been serving up this messaging to our attendee audience since the 2011 show when we held the first stand-alone PROCESS EXPO. And that’s kind of the point. That is what the customer is looking for when they come to the show. Yes, they come looking for your solution but they also come looking for something from another segment that hasn’t been tried yet in theirs.

Maybe its just using your existing equipment for a different end-product with minor modifications that you haven’t even thought of yet. Maybe its an application that you are aware of but didn’t realize that there is a market out there willing to pay far more than you expected, giving new life to what you had considered a mature product.

Since PROCESS EXPO was launched as an independent show, we have been daring the customer to imagine all the possibilities they can bring about with the innovative technologies on display at our show but perhaps we failed in sharing this same message with our exhibitors and that is something we are trying to correct for this fall. After all, our attendees’ possibilities are the exhibitors’ opportunities.

Start today. You know your primary vertical markets. What are the secondary and tertiary? If this year’s show generated good leads for those markets (in addition to your primary obviously), wouldn’t that truly cap off a great year? What will that take?
Start planning.
Make it happen.