Fall trade show season is upon us and for seasoned trade show goers, the key to preparing for a show is to pack as little as possible while carrying all your crucial items. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside my trade show bag for PROCESS EXPO:

1. Power Pack/Portable Charger: juice for my iPhone or iPad while I’m on the show floor.

2. Pen: take notes during PROCESS EXPO U sessions and booth meetings.

3. Moleskine: as a lefty, I prefer notebooks that open flat since I can write in them easily. Trade shows are filled with new and innovative solutions. Inspiration will hit. Write it down.

4. NOMAD charge card: this super-thin cable allows me to charge or sync my mobile devices and it fits in my wallet.

5. Power adapter for my iPhone or iPad.

6. Hand Sanitizer: I’ll be shaking hands in the booth and at all the PROCESS EXPO networking events such as the Welcome Reception and the Tweet-Up.

7. Airborne: when I feel a cold coming on, I use it to boost my immune system.

8. Snacks: protein bars satisfy my hunger while I’m working the booth or walking the halls.

9. Business cards: always pack enough business cards.

10. Lip Balm

11. Mints

12. Eye Drops

13. Headache medicine

14. Trade show purse (or a satchel for men): my show bag is lightweight with many pockets.

What’s in your trade show bag? See you in Chicago!

By Grace Cular Yee