Following this year’s show, you’ll have a much better answer to that question than ever before, provided you have booked lead retrieval.

One new benefit we will unveil after this year’s show is the post-show Booth Traffic Report that each exhibitor will receive. 

This customized report will detail the breakdown of booth and aisle traffic for each exhibitor by industry segment and job title, giving you a much clearer understanding of your booth’s productivity and the type of audience that your booth draws.

You’ll be able to compare this data to the leads your team generated or compare it to the aisle traffic to see how successful you were in bringing them in. Either way, it’s a powerful tool in gauging the success of your booth.

Here’s the rub. The data is based on the eventBit technology used in the lead retrieval system. If you don’t contract it, your report will only go down to the aisle level as our hub readers don’t scan into the individual booths. It will still be valuable information, just not as valuable as your neighbor who rented lead retrieval.

As such, we encourage you to contract lead retrieval for this year’s show. Not only will it make it easier to secure your leads at the show, your data on the tail end will be much more robust. As this is likely the first you are hearing of the post-show Report, if you have any questions about it please feel free to contact Andy Drennan at 703-663-1201.