We don’t plan on starting promotion until after Labor Day.
Marketing isn’t my area. I just oversee the booth.
We’re focused on another show before then.
What do you mean? We’re promoting our presence in this, this, this, and this.

In a recent email to exhibitors, I raised the issue of promoting their booth presence at PROCESS EXPO and inviting customers and prospects. Above are just a small sample of the responses I received. 

For the first three responses I would simply say, how much is your trade show investment? Do you want to take the risk of waiting to invite your customers? By then, they may already have plans to attend another event.

PROCESS EXPO launched its attendee marketing effort at the end of 2018 and while it a very robust campaign, it may not be targeting the exact companies and job titles that you want to see. Even if it targeting those same people, there’s a good chance that the food processor is more familiar with your brand than with PROCESS EXPO. As such, the odds on them opening your email are greater. The odds on them acting on your invitation are greater too.

This isn’t just me saying this. It’s historical data. Over the past several shows, 52% of all show registrants came from exhibitor invitations. It works and it helps get people into your booth.

That’s why we have contracted with our vendor VIP Guest Invites, to provide you with the tools to easily prepare your own email marketing campaigns on your own schedule and get your code out to your customers. That’s why you’re hearing us talk so much about this now. It’s a great way to let attendees know you’ll be at PROCESS EXPO and where they can find you among the 500+ exhibitors.

Which brings me to the last response. I love it. I love to see all the stuff exhibitors are doing to make the most of their exhibit. We’ve got a lot of great marketers in this Association and working on this show. Of course, I have no knowledge of 99.9% of the marketing you guys do so when I saw the list of their efforts that this person presented me with, I couldn’t help but be impressed. Clearly they are going to have a great show. We want the same for you.

Start getting the word out!