It’s coming. We’re down to the last few weeks before PROCESS EXPO and I’m sure your list is just like mine. You’ve got a million things on it that have to get done before you head to McCormick.

  • Services orders
  • Freight Shipment
  • Staff schedule
  • Travel plans
  • Etc, etc, etc. you know the deal….

But the truth is, a trade show really just comes down to one thing … people in your booth.

Now, I could give you a whole laundry list of what our marketing agency has done to promote attendance at this year’s show. In fact, you’ve surely seen our ads, our emails, our retargeting, and our social media campaigns, but how does our campaign mesh with your trade show strategy?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. All I know is, with all the effort you’ve put into building your booth, can you say the same about your team’s effort to get your targets into your booth next month? If not, what are you doing about it? It’s not too late.

I’m sure you’ve seen the MANY emails we’ve sent promoting the various free marketing tools we offer to promote your presence at the show. If you haven’t taken advantage of them, it’s time to get on that. You know these attendees even better than I do. How much free time do your customers have? Do you think they come to trade shows strolling the aisles just hoping to come across new equipment? Sorry, that was back in the early 90’s back when we all had assistants and time to spend a few days at a show. 

Today, they’re coming to the show with a plan. They know what they’re looking for and who they want to see. They’ll cram as much into their day as possible. Inviting that customer puts you at the top of the list. It’s not too late.

Whether you use VIP Guest Invites, Outlook, or just plain-old word of mouth, use those free passes you get as an exhibitor. Spread that code far and wide.

All the other tasks on your list are secondary.