Thanks to Jason Vana, Marketing Director at Fusion Integrated, for provding this guest post. Fusion Tech is a custom design and fabrication company specializing in equipment and facility layouts for food processing companies. You may learn more about Fusion Tech on their website at

Thousands of people from thousands of businesses will be attending PROCESS EXPO  Grace Cular Yee this September to mingle, interact with exhibitors, and find solutions to their processing challenges — making it difficult for one person (aka – you!) to stand out in the crowd.

Standing out to exhibitors and other attenders is key if you want to build your network, make new connections, and possibly find some new clients yourself.

But how do you do that as an attendee? It’s not like you’ll be rocking a booth with amazing equipment and giveaways that people will remember.

Tips to Stand Out at PROCESS EXPO 
As an exhibitor ourselves, we’ve put together 5 tips that you as an attender can do to stand out at PROCESS EXPO. Follow these tips and we’ll remember you!

Wear Your Name Badge Proudly
Let’s be honest: name badges can be a nuisance and make you feel like you’re back in second grade. But when you’re at PROCESS EXPO, your name badge can be the difference between a vendor remembering you — or you fading away into the crowd. Wear your name badge on the right side of your chest, so when you meet someone and shake their hand, they can see it easily.

Bring Your Own Branded Gear
It may seem a bit backwards — usually it’s the exhibitors who are sporting and handing out branded gear, not attendees — but sporting a branded shirt, carrying a branded conference bag, using and handing out promotional portfolios will get your company’s name ingrained in the minds of those with whom you interact. Bringing a branded notepad and pen (for you to use and to hand out) is a great idea as well!

Carry Plenty of Business Cards
Seriously. Bring stacks of business cards. You’ll want them to hand out to the exhibitors you visit, the people you interact and chat with, and to enter yourself in the number of drawings that will be available at the show. When in doubt, bring more than you think you’ll need. It’s better to have too many than not enough — and possibly miss a networking opportunity because you didn’t plan ahead.

Wear a Smile
Navigating PROCESS EXPO won’t always be easy — especially when you’re trying to get through the crowds to visit the exhibits in your My Show Planner list. Trade shows can be long, draining days of visiting booths, navigating crowds, fighting over charging ports, and trying to find restaurants that aren’t swamped. Everyone feels the same way.

Wearing smile can go a long way to making a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Follow Up
Even if you rock the above 4 tips, remember: everyone you meet is also meeting hundreds of other people. If you really want to stand out and make a lasting impression, make sure you follow up after the show. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Send out a follow up email
  • Send out LinkedIn invitations
  • Set up a meeting / phone call
  • Rock the Show

PROCESS EXPO is a great opportunity for you as an attender to develop new connections and expand your network (and possibly pick up some new clients and vendors).

The above tips will help you stand out among exhibitors and colleagues — and rock your time at PROCESS EXPO. Follow them closely, and you’ll walk away feeling that PROCESS EXPO was a huge success!

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