Based on direct feedback from PROCESS EXPO attendees, it is critical to your success that your company is prepared to address all industry segments you serve or can adapt to serve. Please share some of these tips with the team who will be on-site at PROCESS EXPO:

  1. Bring more equipment! If the attendees walk by your booth and only see equipment that serves one sector, you’ll miss a conversation that could lead to a new partnership.

  2. Show off! If you can’t bring more equipment, bring large banners, posters, pictures and/or videos showing which industry segments you are able to work with.

  3. Be proactive! Even before you get to PROCESS EXPO, promote your capabilities across all of the industry segments you serve. Integrate this information into your call scripts and e-mail copy. Be sure your sales team is ready to explain the options when they are face-to-face at the show.

PROCESS EXPO is unique because it is an extremely horizontal show, and we want to be sure you are prepared to sell across all industry segments and have the most profitable show possible.