Like with cannabis in the past, and medical marijuana today, you have probably heard the term “CBD oil” a lot in recent months, and that’s because it is swiftly becoming one of the most popular things on the market to help aid suffering from chronic pain and other physical and mental issues. It’s said to come riddled with health benefits for humans, but did you know that these same health benefits may be applicable to pets as well? This could be a game-changer in the dog health world for sure!

What Is CBD?

CBD oil is essentially just some of the liquid that is removed from a marijuana plant. At this point, you're probably thinking: “Okay, no thanks. I am not trying to get my furry friend high just to calm him down!” Well, I understand your worries, but I am also here to put those worries to rest!

One thing you should know about CBD for pets is it contains less than 1% of actual THC, which is the component of marijuana that gives off the psychoactive effects or “high” factor. In most cases, CBD oil actually has no THC at all, so you can rest assured knowing that your dog is not going to get high off of CBD.

What is a CBD Treat?

We all know about dog treats: those bacon (or they say it’s bacon) treats that don’t really have any health benefits attached to them, but, boy, do our dogs love them. However, are they actually doing anything positive for our pets? Probably not. And that’s why people are switching it up when it comes to their dogs treats.

One option is to choose a treat that contains CBD oil. These CBD dog treats or “edibles” are popping up left and right on the market, so they are far easier to find than in recent years.

Like with all CBD products, CBD dog treats are just like anything else you would find on the market. They have a great flavor that dogs will go crazy over, but with the addition of CBD oil that will certainly make them happier than other dog treats on the market right now.

Why is the CBD industry on the rise?

So, what’s all the buzz about the CBD industry? Well, to put it simply, people are finding out more and more about the extensive potential health benefits that go hand in hand with CBD oil. That being said, people are wanting to consume more CBD oil in hopes that they can reap the same benefits as well.

But CBD is not just for humans. People have started to give CBD oil to their dogs, and they are seeing some amazing side effects from it. The dog treat industry caught word of how much people are enjoying giving their pets CBD oil and certainly want to provide more customers with the possibility to give their pets CBD as well.

Another reason why these pet treats and CBD products are on the rise is because people are becoming sick and tired of giving their pets treats and food that simply aren’t good enough. The ingredients currently found in most dog products aren’t necessarily good for them or their guts, and pet owners are wanting to ensure their dog is healthy and happy for the entirety of their lives.

Business owners know just how important dogs are to their owners. They know that CBD hemp oil is potentially having amazing health benefits on pups, and they want to create treats that are not only enjoyable and taste fantastic for a dog, but also give them a hefty boost of health benefits as well.

Potential benefits of CBD oil:

If you’re wondering why so many pet owners are seeking out CBD oil pet treats and food for their dogs, here is a list of some of the health benefits:

  • CBD has long been known to treat those who suffer from seizures. Dogs can also be struck with seizures at some point, so treating their problem with CBD has said to work out well as it does with humans.
  • Many dogs have gastrointestinal problems that leave them puking incessantly. If you are tired of seeing your dog with tummy problems that leave him nauseous and unwell, you might want to try CBD oil. Plenty of pets have had a positive turn around after trying CBD oil, with less or no puking and an overall happy belly.
  • CBD oil is used on humans for pains such as arthritis and back pain. Dogs can also get these same terrible diagnoses, but unfortunately for them, they don’t have many options to deal with the pain. To help your dog, you might want to try using CBD oil to relieve some of the aches and pains that come from arthritis and other injuries.
  • Doggy cancer is a real thing and a terrible one at that. And we all know that cancer patients have been trying CBD oil to cure them—and it may help lend a hand to dogs who are suffering from cancer as well. Anything is worth a shot for your precious baby, right?

Should you buy CBD oil products for your pet?

Well, every pet owner is different. Some people may want to try CBD oil on their pet to see if it will help them with certain health issues—such as arthritis, cancer, or gastrointestinal issues—while others may find that the traditional way of medicine is more beneficial. The decision will truly come from the pet owner!


CBD oil is popping up everywhere and it’s true for the dog industry as well. Business owners are starting to create more and more CBD oil pet products including treats and dog foods. Whether or not the CBD oil will have a big impact on your dog’s health is unknown, but as of right now there is a huge market for CBD oil pet products—and that is why this industry is significantly on the rise.

This article was written by Jennifer Smith of FOMO Bones.