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By Jennifer Smith of FOMO Bones

CBD products for pets have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. This is because research has suggested that it is as beneficial for pets as much as it is for humans! We now know that it’s healthy, safe, and effective for many dogs, but the answer to the question, “Is CBD right for my pet?”  is more complicated than that.

CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal for every ailment a dog could have. There are upsides and downsides to using it just like there are for people. We are going to explain that and more to clear up the confusion surrounding this new treatment. We will discuss topics like:

  •     What CBD is
  •     What conditions it treats
  •     What forms it comes in
  •     The potential side effects and risks of using CBD on your dog
  •     Common myths about CBD
  •     Where to get it

Before giving your dog CBD, here is what you need to know.

What is CBD?

The acronym CBD stands for cannabidiol. Most CBD products for dogs and cats come from hemp. Hemp is taken from the cannabis plant (or marijuana plant), but only from the stem instead of the leaves. This is an important distinction that we’ll explain in-depth next.

Common myths about CBD

As CBD products become more popular, more pet parents have questions and concerns about giving it to their furry friends. These concerns are based on misinformation due to a lack of understanding of how CBD differs from THC and from the dishonest marketing strategies some CBD sellers use to drive up sales.

Myth #1: CBD gets dogs “high”

This simply is not true. What gives marijuana its psychotropic effects is THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is found in the leaves of the plant. CBD products derived from the hemp plant (which is the most common way to make CBD for dogs) do not usually have THC in them. Those that do use such a low amount that it makes almost no difference in the effect produced.

Myth #2: CBD will cure every illness

If a company that sells CBD products claims that it will prevent your dog from getting any illness and heal it of any affliction, they are lying. There is no scientific evidence to back up these claims of it being a cure-all miracle product.

What CBD does

You know that CBD does not do everything that some sellers promise that it does. What you may be left asking is, “What does it do, then?” Let’s talk about that. The following are a few benefits of CBD:

  •     Lessens the frequency and risk of seizures
  •     Provides a calming effect for dogs with anxiety
  •     Eases the chronic pain of arthritis and other illnesses

The risks and side effects of giving CBD to your dog

Nothing comes without risks and potential negative consequences. Even eating peanut butter is dangerous for some. Recognizing these things and basing your decision on them will give you the best chance of keeping your dog safe.


Overdose. It is extremely difficult to overdose on CBD, but it’s possible. This is why you should start with the lowest recommended amount for your dog and move up gradually until you notice that it’s helping.

Side effects

The potential side effects that come from ingesting CBD products are:

  •     Drowsiness. CBD oil products for dogs are usually given to help ease anxiety, but sometimes the effects can go beyond just calming them. Of course, being sleepy never really hurt anybody on its own. Just be aware that your dog may be feeling more sluggish some days more than others.
  •     Dry mouth. This commonly happens in humans and dogs alike when using CBD. Your dog may get very thirsty, so have water ready for them at all times.
  •     Lightheadedness. This is because CBD lowers the blood pressure. If your dog is feeling dizzy, let them lie down and rest for a while.

Popular forms of CBD products

CBD for pets come in more than one form. The kind you pick really has to do with what you think will be the easiest way to administer it.

  •     Oil. This is one of the most popular ways to give your dog CBD. Being in a liquid form makes it easier for some dogs to take.
  •     Treats. CBD treats are a mess-free way to get your dog to take the stuff. Some run at the sight of a spoon because they associate it with medicine. They know that treats are yummy, so they won’t hesitate to gobble them up!

Where to get CBD for your dog

If you think that CBD could be the right fit for your dog, check out some of these products by FOMO Bones. These dog treats include ingredients like passion flower, L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root, Chamomile, and a CBD isolate. The isolate is an all-natural cannabinoid supplement that is from hemp oil and is then refined down into pure CBD.

Make an informed decision and get the CBD product that you feel is best for your dog. Always consult with a vet beforehand to discuss all the effects of CBD.

Author bio: Jennifer is the voice behind the FOMO Bones blog. She's pretty sure in her past life, she was a Great Dane. However, we peg her as more of a labrador. Regardless of her breed, she's a dog enthusiast who has 15 years experience training dogs and owners.