[ October 12–15, 2021    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA ]



This Tuesday, we’re spotlighting Toni Fant from JBT Corporation. Toni is a seasoned exhibitor with many years of experience. Thank you, Toni, for taking the time to chat with us. What is your role at JBT Corporation? How many years have you worked there? Market Communications Manager, 25 years What are your responsibilities with your […]


There’s no doubt that consumer demand for premium foods is having a significant impact on the food processing industry. Food manufacturers are scrambling to produce fresh, clean-label products to keep up with market enthusiasm. But the push for premium doesn’t only impact food processors. Companies that make equipment for use in food processing must also […]

Chris Simmons, UC Davis, Food Science and Technology

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Hidden Microbial Worlds Within Processing Facilities Chris Simmons | UC Davis Every food and beverage processing facility is an ecosystem comprised of countless invisible inhabitants. These microscopic occupants, such as bacteria and fungi, can have a tremendous impact on food quality and safety within the processing facility. As detection […]

In this series, FPSA members share their experiences at PROCESS EXPO and offer insights into how to maximize trade show ROI. Today’s interviewee is Ashley Riley, the Senior Marketing Manager at industrial cleaning product manufacturer Nilfisk. How was your experience at PROCESS EXPO 2015? Excellent. This was our first at PROCESS EXPO since 2009, when […]

Steve Smith, Purdue University, Department of Food Science

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) Steve Smith | Purdue University High Pressure and its effects on microorganisms has been studied for over 100 years. In 1884, Pascal tested the effects of pressure on microorganisms. Later that decade, preservation of various food products was tested at the West Virginia Agriculture station. […]

The pending implementation of FSMA has put the food processing industry on high-alert around issues of food safety. Where does sanitary design fit into this safe new world? Food processing equipment manufacturers have long worked toward optimizing design to meet the greatest standards of hygiene and efficiency. With ill-defined standards, that hasn’t always been easy. […]