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Dave Krishock, Kansas State University, Grain Science Industry

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence “Who You Going to Call?” Dave Krishock | Kansas State University Borrowing a line from the 1984 supernatural comedy movie Ghostbusters, “Who you going to call?”………..when you need employees to fill openings on your production line, make sales tech calls or provide verifiable and marketable results from your R & D […]

In recent months, we’ve looked at how food processing companies are preparing for FSMA implementation by investing in sanitary design. Equipment that ensures safe processing and clean-up is essential to a sanitary operating environment. But what about the products that actually get the cleaning done — the chemicals and detergents, even the water used to […]

Steve Smith, Purdue University, Department of Food Science

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Microwave Thermal Processing Steve Smith | Purdue University In 1947 Dr. Percy Spenser, working on a magnetron for microwave energy for Raytheon Corp., reached into his pocket and found a melted candy bar, a revolution had started. In 1965 Amana (owned by Raytheon) sold the first commercially made home […]

Efficiency — how to optimize it? And waste — how to minimize it? These questions fuel nearly every decision made today in the world of business and industry, from financial planning to industrial design. Companies want to avoid wasting both tangible assets — water, energy, product — and that great intangible — time. And then, […]

Steve Smith, Purdue University, Department of Food Science

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Direct Heating Methods for Beverages Steve Smith | Purdue University Indirect heat exchangers exchange energy from a heating media (steam or hot water) into the product through a barrier such as stainless steel. This prevents the heating media from contacting the product directly. Indirect methods of heating beverages, such […]