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PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence E-Beam Package Sterilization Steve Smith | Purdue University In aseptic processing and packaging, you must pre-sterilize both the package and the product before you seal the product into the package. Traditionally, companies have used three methods of package sterilization: Steam or superheated steam. Other than for sterilizing metal cans, […]

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Validation: An Important Part of Your HACCP System Joe Cordray Ph.D. | Iowa State University HACCP Validation has been a part of HACCP since its inception. HACCP Principle 7: Verification contains two parts: initial validation and ongoing verification. We have been discussing initial validation since the passage of the Pathogen […]

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Closing the loop with wastes from fruit and vegetable processing Chris Simmons | UC Davis, Food Science & Technology The notion of “closing the loop” refers to production of products using waste streams that are generated during that product’s life cycle. Biomass residues from food processing present many opportunities […]

The implementation of FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) affects everyone in the food and beverage industry. The first final rules went into effect at the end of August, and the last will finalize in May 2016. No matter what your business size or which of the rules apply to you, here are the resources […]