[ October 8–11, 2019    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA ]



Young Gruyere Comte Cheese pressed in special forms in dairy

The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) today announced the list of suppliers who have signed up to date to participate in the working cheese production line that will be on display on the PROCESS EXPO show floor. PROCESS EXPO will take place October 8–11, 2019 at Chicago’s McCormick Place and there will be live demonstrations […]

Boedeker Plastics

With the world’s largest inventory of plastic sheet, rod, and tube, Boedeker Plastics offers precision machining and injection molding for food industry applications. Products are FDA compliant and designed for longer wear life, chemical resistance, and lower friction. Boedeker’s services include just-in-time (JIT) supply programs, reverse engineering, material selection by application, onsite consulting, and part […]

Like with cannabis in the past, and medical marijuana today, you have probably heard the term “CBD oil” a lot in recent months, and that’s because it is swiftly becoming one of the most popular things on the market to help aid suffering from chronic pain and other physical and mental issues. It’s said to […]


The force that powers food processing equipment — everything from pumps and conveyors to slicers and mixers — is housed within industrial gearboxes. Though these parts are small enough to be picked up by hand, they’re still not pieces you want to replace regularly, especially when a breakdown means stalling production and losing profits. We […]

Hygienic Design Terminal Box and Compact Enclosure

Food industry sanitation methods are notoriously abusive for equipment. That’s one reason food processing equipment is made of stainless steel — so it can withstand hot water and chemical washdowns and still maintain food safety. But non-food contact surfaces need to cope with these conditions as well. As the industry continues to adopt automation technologies, […]

Airflow Sciences Corporation logo

Airflow Sciences Corporation (ASC) focuses on solving problems related to flow, heat transfer, combustion, and mass transfer. Since 1975, the Airflow Sciences team has been helping industrial companies optimize their equipment and processes through testing, simulation, and data collection. Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from Airflow Sciences’ Vice President, Andrew […]

Protective Enclosures

Automation and digital technologies have brought many improvements to food processing operations — from higher throughput to lower labor costs and improved traceability and compliance. They’ve also brought more screens into food plants. And those screens need to be protected from what can often be a harsh environment, especially for sensitive electronics. To learn more […]