Have you asked yourself that? With what a booth costs at ANY trade show, if you haven’t then maybe you are not in the right field.

If you have asked yourself that question, what is the answer? Do you have one answer, or do you ascribe to what I call “kitchen-sink marketing” – in short, make a list of absolutely every possible reason to visit your booth (including the kitchen sink). After a while you realize nobody reads those long lists and you’re only impressing yourself.

Why visit your booth? Well, let’s ask the customer. What are they interested in? They come to see your equipment, plain and simple. That’s why they take the time out of their busy schedule to travel to McCormick Place to see the real thing and sit down with the experts who can talk to them about how that equipment can be a part of their production plans. Year after year, this is the number one reason by far that attendees list in the post-show survey as the reason they come to PROCESS EXPO.

It’s not to pick up brochures. Or look at videos. Or to provide contact information so that a sales rep will contact them (maybe) in the future.

“Where is he going with this?” you might be asking yourself. This is all obvious, after all we’ve been doing shows for years.

My point is, for many months now we have been stressing the fact that PROCESS EXPO is a horizontal show that targets professionals across all industry segments. In fact, the datamining for PE19 has been expanded to such an unprecedented level that we will be bringing thousands of new customers to the show in search of all types of technologies, for all segments.

It is for this reason that it is critical that all exhibitors think about the leads and new business they want to generate this October and how best to do that – by bringing equipment. Not just for your bread and butter segments but for the others you sell to which would take this show from good to great for you.

This is an opportunity. For you. For our attendees. And for PROCESS EXPO.

Start thinking about it now. There’s only one answer to the question.