This week's Trade Show Spotlight is a Two for Tuesday! We're spotlighting two powerhouses, Paula Wernet and Jim Beard from Grote Company

Paula and Jim serve on the PROCESS EXPO Show Sub-Committee they've provided some of the best ideas such as topics for the 2011, 2013 and 2015 PROCESS EXPO Show Operations Conferences and the 2015 Innovations Showcase! Welcome, Paula and Jim. Let's get started with Jim…

Jim Beard

What's your role at Grote Company?How many years have you worked there? I provide Sales Support at Grote. 2015 is my 30th anniversary at Grote Company!

What are your responsibilities at Grote? Trade Shows, Demonstrations, Videos, New employee tours, Assist Service and Customer Service with service calls, Customer Training, Assist Engineering.

What’s always in your trade show survival kit.  Complete tool box, First Aid Kit, Show Book.

10 word or less exhibitor mantra.Copy everything.  Live demonstrations work best.

Guilty Pleasure: A (Fresh) Doughnut

What can you not live without?  My motorcycle(s) I’ve been an active rider for 46 years, I’m a life member of the AMA (American Motorcyclist Assoc), Life member of GWRRA, 17 year member of HOG, and an active MSF Rider Coach for Motorcycle Ohio and Rider Education of Ohio.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Chicago Dog?  Deep Dish Pizza…but given a choice, a Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

Happy Anniversary, Jim!  Live demonstrations are very effective. People attend shows because they want to see how the product works in real life. And we agree on ths Italian Beef. Portillo‘s is one of our favorites. For a fresh doughnut, do the right thing by visiting Do-Rite Donuts. Now, let's learn from Paula.

Paula Wernet

What's your role at Grote Company?How many years have you worked there?  I'm the Corporate Marketing Coordinator and have worked at Grote Company for 15 years.

What are your responsibilities with your company? I wear many hats! I handle marketing and advertising for both Grote Company and Vanmark Equipment. I manage the trade shows. I'm an Event planner/ Project coordinator. I'm Bob Grote’s advisor. In summary, a Do-er of all stuff!

What’s always in your trade show survival kit?  Floor plan & copy of all supporting docs pertaining to the booth, Aspirin

10 words or less exhibitor mantra: Expect something to go wrong then throw money at it.

Guilty Pleasure: What can you not live without? Pinto Grigio

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Chicago Dog?  Neither. I’ll be at the sushi bar!

Cheers to that, Paula! We believe in trade show binders filled with all show order confirmations. And insert a copy of your COI too.

Thanks for your time, Paula and Jim!  Connect with Jim via email or LinkedIn.  You may reach Paula via e-mail or LinkedIn. Learn more about Grote Company.

By Grace Cular Yee