Our newest spotlight is Katie Evenson from Rome Ltd. Katie recently celebrated 19 years at Rome Ltd. Happy Anniversary, Katie, and thanks for taking the time to meet with us today!

What's your role at Rome Ltd? How many years have you worked there? I'm the President, Rome Ltd.  I was practically born in this place!  I started out as a very young child sharing coffee with my Grandma in her office.  Eventually in high school I begged my Dad for a part time job much to his dislike!  After school he gave me my first full time job (still to his dislike!) and I never left.  I worked in every area of the business and earning my stripes as I worked my way up and learned the ropes and now some 19 years later I am still here.

What are your responsibilities at Rome? President = jack of all trades.  I am the sale’s teams loudest cheerleader.  I am accountings worst nightmare because I challenge everything.  I am purchasing and inventory controls worst night mare because I ask too many questions.  I am the production team’s largest pain in the rump because I am constantly wanting to be hands on and getting dirty.

What’s always in your trade show survival kit? A smile and an overall knowledge of the show floor and where some key business are located.  Water and granola bars because I never get out of the booth to eat.  Extra cell phone chargers for both apple and android because you never know when a customer or potential customer might need some help!  I also secretly carry extra business cards for the team members just in case someone forgets.  Lastly, comfortable red shoes.

10 word or less exhibitor mantra: You get one change for a first impression, make it a good one!  (Well, 13 words)

Guilty Pleasure: What can you not live without? I almost hate to admit this but I can’t live without my smart phone as I use it in all aspects of work and family life!  Being connected to kids is my first priority and now that I have teenagers….well, that says it all.  Oh, and champagne.  My perfect day ends with steak, potatoes, and bubbles.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Chicago Dog? Ummm…Chicago dog of course!  Nowhere else can you get a finer dog!  Not to mention our business helps to get those dogs ground.

Great advice, Madame President! You made a lasting first impression with us. We loved those red pants! Thanks for continuing to rock this industry and trade shows Like A Girl. Learn about Rome Ltd's offerings. You may contact Katie via e-mail or on LinkedIn.

By Grace Cular Yee