This week for Trade Show Tip Tuesday, we would like to introduce Jill Sadlak from Urschel Laboratories, Inc. Jill is a seasoned exhibitor with many years of experience in the food and beverage industry.

What is your role at Urschel Laboratories, Inc.? How many years have you worked there? Trade Show Coordinator – 6 years

What are your responsibilities at Urschel Laboratories, Inc.?  Strategic planning and execution of trade shows to maximize the companies return on investment.

What’s always in your trade show survival kit? A Sharpie and an extra phone charger.

What is your exhibitor mantra (in 10 words of less)? There is a solution to every problem.

What is your guilty pleasure? What can you not live without? My cell phone

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Chicago Dog? Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

We love the positivity, Jill, there is a solution to every problem! Thank you for sharing your fun facts and tips! Connect with Jill via email or LinkedIn or learn more about Urschel Laboratories, Inc..

By Grace Cular Yee