For many exhibitors, the next event on your trade show calendar is PROCESS EXPO 2015. You’ve determined what you’re showcasing and have started to invite people to visit your booth, but what’s your plan for building relationships on the show floor?

Your goal should be to generate more clients to grow your business. Too often, exhibitors focus on getting people to their booth, but do not take the time to determine how to develop and cultivate relationships on-site.

The PROCESS EXPO team sat down with Trade Show Presentation Strategist, Emilie Barta, to discuss the evolution of shows and the expectations of attendees.

Emilie, how have trade shows changed through the years? 
Gone are the days when you bought booth space, designed an exhibit, invited your sales reps, and sold your products/services to all of the interested attendees rushing to your booth. Now you must catch their attention + convince them to step out of the aisle. You must combat their devices and your competition. You must provide them an engaging experience that they will remember and talk about.

How have trade shows remained the same? 
They are still the most cost-effective way to reach the largest number of prospects in the shortest amount of time from one centralized location!

Is there anything exhibit managers can do to successfully reach these prospects?
Yes! Attendees are often overwhelmed by the expo floor, pressed for time, or their brain is back at the office. So they are not going to approach a booth that does nothing to get their attention or make them feel welcomed.

Exhibit managers can focus on making it easy to create business opportunities in the booth. Oftentimes it is the littlest things that make the biggest impressions because they show the attendees that they are cared about and their time is valued. And you know what? Sometimes the items that make the biggest difference don’t cost a dime!

Our June 18th webinar is entitled “6 Secret Ways to Build Business Relationships in Your Booth.” Would you be willing to share 1 of the secrets today?
Of course! One secret I always recommend to exhibit managers is to “focus on the content.”

Attendees want the answers to 3 main questions: what do you do, what will it do for me, and how do you do it differently from your competition? So consider what is relevant in your industry today, and what pain points the attendees are experiencing in their day-to-day work. Then customize your reason for exhibiting to showcase your solutions for these current pain points. And spend dollars on people, not gimmicks, because it is people who can engage the attendees in conversation and who can answer these 3 main questions.

Just like that a business relationship is beginning to be built!

Great advice, Emilie! And this is what we'll be discussing at this month’s PROCESS EXPO Webinar on June 18 at 2pm ET! Learn low-cost/no-cost tips that will create an engaging experience for your customers, and make it easy and efficient to create business opportunities on the PROCESS EXPO floor.
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Emilie Barta is a trade show presentation strategist, marketer, designer, and presenter. She has attracted qualified decision makers out of the aisle and into the booth for exhibitors at over 300 trade shows for 15+ years. If you would like more information on how Emilie and her team of trade show pros can bring you recognition and results at PROCESS EXPO 2015, please visit Emilie Barta  

By Grace Cular Yee