Last week, I headed out to Winchester, VA with some colleagues to visit an FPSA Member and Exhibitor. The company, Ashworth Bros, is one of the top conveyor belt manufacturers in the world.

When we walked into the lobby, we saw the “Welcome FPSA” sign close to a wall with conveyor belts hanging on them. What a clever way to display your offerings!

Ken King, Commercial Services  Manager, shared details on Ashworth’s rich history in the marketplace. Ashworth has been producing woven metal conveyor belts since 1946 and in 1967, they revolutionized the food processing industry with the development of its patented lotension spiral system. We had a great time learning about the variety of belts and products that Ashworth produces at the VA plant and their ability to customize complex customer requests.

One of the highlights was the chance to see first-hand, the assembly of these belts when Ken took us through a tour of Ashworth’s manufacturing facility. The plant was busy and we had the chance to see how the rods were made, wires were crimped, and belts being produced efficiently. It was really impressive.

Ken and the Ashworth team will be exhibiting their offerings at PROCESS EXPO 2013. Their booth will be located in the North Hall. You can also contact him at [email protected] or give him a call at 540-665-1317.

It’s always a great feeling when you visit your customers to find out about their unique offerings to the industry. I encourage you all to visit your clients to get this valuable perspective on how business is handled from their end.

Thank you for being a PROCESS EXPO customer! We appreciate you and we hope that you join them in Chicago in 2013, November 3-6 in the South and North Halls of McCormick Place!

By Grace Cular Yee