The PROCESS EXPO team recently took a trip to visit Kuhl Corporation at their 63,000 square foot facility in Flemington, New Jersey. Although a long way from PROCESS EXPO's home in Washington D.C., we were greeted with the friendly face of Mike Vella, Sales Manager at Kuhl.

As we entered the front office, Mike highlighted the history behind the family owned and operated business and pointed out that the original President was born right upstairs from where we stood!  How cool that the original house has been transformed into the front entrance of their company's facility! Several of the family members still live just outside the property line that neighbors the welcome sign at the entrance.

Mike quickly brought us up to speed with how they customize each order to their client's specifications and detailed the different aspects of what makes each piece of equipment important. Soon after, he gave us a narrated tour of their manufacturing grounds and introduced us to several of the engineers behind the scenes. It was great to see the transformation behind the unpolished stainless steel in the early stages of a project and then see the shiny result tagged and ready to ship. Throughout our tour, we recognized several suppliers that provide different components to Kuhl's equipment as being members and exhibitors of PROCESS EXPO – always great to see collaborative teamwork within our tradeshow!

By the end of the day, we had gained valuable appreciation for the work that Kuhl Corporation does for the industry. Their team understands that each client has different needs and it's clear that they strive to fulfill those needs by either tweaking the design of many of their finished products or building from the ground up based on requirements of their customers. In this volatile market, this type of flexibility is key to keeping business on par with changes required within the food and beverage market.

It was a wonderful experience for the PROCESS EXPO team and we are excited to see Mike and his team again at PROCESS EXPO 2013 in the North Hall at McCormick Place. Thank you, Kuhl Corporation, for being a PROCESS EXPO customer!

For a complete list of Kuhl’s products, please visit their website. You may also contact Mike directly at  908.782.5696 or [email protected].

By Kyle Heiman