Like so many of our fellow exhibitors, all of us at Multivac, Inc. are eagerly counting down the weeks until the all new PROCESS EXPO debuts.

Folks, taking into account all the controversies and politics we've seen play out over the past year, all that matters in the end is that we provide processors with THE ONE indispensable exhibition experience for the food industry. I know the staff at FPSA is working round-the-clock to make the attendee experience second to none.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your trade show success is to promote your booth to your customers. Do all of your customers in your database know that you’re participating at PROCESS EXPO this Fall? They should! As exhibitors, we all receive unlimited, complimentary passes to distribute to our customers, partners, and prospects.

Take a look at the Exhibitor Invites program located in the Exhibitor Services Manual. It’s a free promotional tool available to all PROCESS EXPO exhibitors and it’s so easy to use. You upload your contacts, customize the message and send.  You can check to see who has responded and who still needs further follow-up.  We’re thrilled with the results to date – more than 100 of our customers have already accepted our invitation and are planning to visit us at the show this fall!

We’re working hard to create the most valuable and educational interaction within our own booth — with a dose of hospitality thrown in for good measure!

What’s your plan to ensure tradeshow success at PROCESS EXPO? There are a lot of relatively easy and inexpensive steps you can take to promote Process Expo to your customers and prospects.  I would be more than happy to discuss ideas with FPSA members with questions. You can contact me either through the comments section, or via email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jerry Hirsch, Multivac
Manager of Marketing Communications
Multivac, Inc.