What’s Your Goal?

If you’ve been reading our entries since last fall you know that PROCESS EXPO is putting a strong emphasis on the horizontal balance of its audience this year. In truth, this is nothing new as we have been marketing the show this way to processors since our first stand alone show eight years ago. What’s new for 2019 is that we are trying to bring exhibitors up to speed on this concept so that our exhibits match attendees’ expectations of manufacturing solutions across all industry segments.

Step one of this campaign was to get all exhibitors to specify the markets they sell to within the food and beverage industry. “Just take it from last year’s profile,” an exhibitor told me. That was easier said than done. We never collected that information before as we had always focused on our exhibitors’ technologies, not their markets. After much outreach from staff, this step is now thankfully complete, and the results of this work will be used later this year to generate industry specific brochures, floor plans and tours at the show, while also making it easier for that random attendee walking by your booth to know exactly what segments you sell to.

What comes next is up to you the exhibitor. We’ve always talked about the need to engage in pre-show marketing as the most effective way to drive booth traffic but perhaps no other year has this been truer than in 2019 given the busy show calendar that we all have (hint, the customers have that same calendar!).

Now, it would be easy for me to talk about all of the marketing tools that PROCESS EXPO provides you free of charge because obviously those are important but before we go in that direction (maybe next month), we need to focus on what any good plan starts with – the goals.

Especially knowing that the 2019 campaign is focused on bringing professionals from all segments, what do you want to achieve at PROCESS EXPO this October?

If your primary market is bakery, for example, obviously you set goals for the leads you expect to walk away with. That’s easy. But what other market segments do you sell to? If those are prepared foods and pet food, even on a very small scale, shouldn’t you have goals for those segments too? After all, PROCESS EXPO draws thousands of attendees from those two segments.

If you could walk away from this year’s show with sales of bakery equipment, prepared foods equipment and pet food equipment, that would be one successful show, no? That doesn’t just happen. It starts today. Start your planning. Set your goals.