As a follow-up to my previous post, leaving town for business can be stressful and complicated, but it doesn't have to be this way. Being organized is the first step in having an enjoyable time during your travels. I reached out to PROCESS EXPO exhibitors and seasoned travelers and asked this question:

What are you preparing to do before you leave for PROCESS EXPO or your next Business Trip?

1. Have your shirts dry cleaned and folded for less wrinkles to deal with when you arrive. Download a movie to your phone for some entertainment on the plane! Tweet and Instagram your way to the show! #ProcessExpo ~ James Scaggs, Harvill Industries, @harvillindustry

2. Pack an umbrella – don’t get caught in the rain! Even if the extended forecast looks pleasant, be prepared for showers or thunderstorms. Stop by Walgreens to buy travel size care products instead of purchasing items at the hotel. Avoid paying $8 for a 3 oz bottle of hair spray!  ~Jill Sadlak, Urschel Laboratories

3. As a Packer fan and it being opening weekend for the NFL, I've looked into tickets to watch them crush the Bears. After looking at ticket prices it appears I'll be looking for a nice sports bar to watch the beating!  ~Mark Evenson, ROME LTD, @RomeLtd

4. Pack the charging cords for all my devices and search for some awesome, non-touristy restaurants to visit each night. ~Jason Vana, Fusion Tech, @fusion_tech

5. Create a catchy “out of office” message… complete with an engaging invitation to visit me at the show! ~Emilie Barta, Emilie Barta Presentations, @EmilieBarta

6. Are you travelling internationally? Adjust your international data or talk and text plans to keep roaming prices down. Pack your international adapter. Make dinner reservations on OpenTable now to get the dates/times you want. ~Tom Wackman, Conservation International

7. Picking our comfortable shoes and checking the demo list twice! ~Tracy Long, Baldor Electric, @baldorelectric

8. Get prescriptions filled. Remove perishables from the refrigerator. Pack an extra belt in your luggage! You might not wear a belt to the airport since you have to remove it during security, so pack one so that you’re prepared when you’re in Chicago.  ~Steve Mannarino, Global Experience Specialists, @SteveMannarino

9. There are 3 things that I prepare to do prior to travel: 1) Pack a comfortable, lightweight, but stylish back pack to use instead of a purse at the trade show. This keeps my hands free & easily stores both my essentials, and collateral or samples. 2) Make sure my Samsung Tablet is ready to substitute for my laptop by adding or updating needed email addresses, social media accounts, travel information and a map of the tradeshow floor. 3) Stylish yet comfortable shoes! Or a change of shoes. Now doesn’t all of this make that backpack perfect for the tradeshow? ~Debra Cincioni, Moms of America,@MomsofAmerica

10. Purchase comfortable shoes from Amazon! And I’ll make sure that my phone charger, a portable power pack, iPad adapter, and power cord are packed. Yes, you can purchase these items at the airport, but it’ll cost you 2-3x the normal price. ~Josh Wallingtord, VC999, @VC999Marketing

11. Make sure to go in a day early to get your red pants pressed, nails done, and hair done so you look “good” for another awesome FPSA event.   Did I remember to pack my red shoes? #dontforgetyourbusinesscards ~Kate Evenson, Rome LTD, @katejevenson

In addition to these 11 tips, I’d like to include one of my own: I’m a chain reader, so I always download a few books onto my Kindle. I arrive at the airport extra early so that I can reward myself with an extra hot, extra shot skim latte. And I wear slip-on shoes so that it's easier when I’m going through security.

As you can see, there’s a common theme: plan, plan, plan!  Avoid scrambling at the last minute. Take a little time to plan for your upcoming trip and you’ll be prepared once you get to your destination. Safe, stess-free travels!

By Grace Cular Yee