Serving the pizza industry since 1991, Quantum Technical Services manufacturers high-speed, automated topping equipment for applying sauce and cheese, as well as individually quick frozen (IQF), streusel, crumb, and dry ingredients. In addition to offering standard equipment, Quantum’s engineering team can custom design solutions to meet more specific production needs.

Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from Debbie Cummins at Quantum.

What finished products does your equipment produce?

Quantum Technical Services manufacturers high-speed, automated target sauce applicators, waterfall and target topping applicators, granular applicators, and slicer applicators. Primarily used in the pizza industry, our topping equipment can be used to apply sauce, cheese, IQF ingredients, streusel, crumb, dry ingredients, and many other ingredients.

What can attendees expect to see at your PROCESS EXPO booth this year?

Quantum is rolling out our new Target Sauce Applicator — QTMC5. Stop by our booth to see the latest technology in automated topping equipment.

Why do you exhibit at PROCESS EXPO?

We love that this show brings industry leaders together to showcase their products and ideas. The show gives us the opportunity to meet with prospective clients along with existing clients.

For more information about Quantum’s topping equipment, visit the company website or stop by Booth #4334 at PROCESS EXPO.