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Airflow Sciences Corporation (ASC) focuses on solving problems related to flow, heat transfer, combustion, and mass transfer. Since 1975, the Airflow Sciences team has been helping industrial companies optimize their equipment and processes through testing, simulation, and data collection.

Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from Airflow Sciences’ Vice President, Andrew Banka, P.E.

What services and solutions does your company offer?

Airflow Sciences Corporation helps food processors and equipment manufacturers develop process improvements or design more efficient manufacturing equipment through field testing and computer simulation. ASC has experience increasing throughput, improving quality, and increasing efficiency of roasting, toasting, baking, drying, cooling, mixing, cooking, frying, spray drying operations, proofing, smoking, and other processes.

What can attendees expect to see at your PROCESS EXPO booth this year?

Airflow Sciences will be showcasing our engineering capabilities that have been applied to well-known brands in the snack food, breakfast cereal, coffee, dairy, and meat segments of the food industry. Have you ever pictured how air flows around coffee beans in a roasting oven or how oil flows around a potato chip during the frying process? Try your hand at a simplified version of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that shows these flow pathlines.

Why do you exhibit at PROCESS EXPO?

I am reminded each time I attend PROCESS EXPO of the variety of manufacturers, engineers, scientists, and other professionals that are required to provide quality food products. From large equipment manufacturers to new business development managers to clean room designers to small organic food producers, there is always someone new to meet at PROCESS EXPO. Because Airflow Sciences provides such niche services, we have the opportunity to introduce our capabilities to prospects who did not consider the effect flow can have on their operations. The improvement of processes through trial and error can be replaced with a virtual comparison of design alternatives or accurate on-site flow measurements, and we want to help others explore this possibility.

To find out how Airflow Sciences can apply its 40 years of experience to your flow problem, visit the company website or stop by Booth #965 at PROCESS EXPO.