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Long shelves with beverages bottles in big grocery food store in supermarket

Beverage sales are rising. And as in all segments of the food industry, certain products are experiencing more growth than others and consumer preferences continue to change with the times. What can beverage producers expect in 2016 and beyond? Keep reading to find out. Healthy takes center stage For its annual “New Product Development Outlook,” […]

blueberries muffins close up in a basket

As American consumers get increasingly busy, snacks and packaged baked goods are gaining ground. To be successful in this sector of the food industry, processors must keep a finger on the pulse of upcoming trends. Snack foods According to Euromonitor, snack sales make up 40% of the $370 billion U.S. packaged food market, and sales […]

Dave Krishock, Kansas State University, Grain Science Industry

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence “Who You Going to Call?” Dave Krishock | Kansas State University Borrowing a line from the 1984 supernatural comedy movie Ghostbusters, “Who you going to call?”………..when you need employees to fill openings on your production line, make sales tech calls or provide verifiable and marketable results from your R & D […]

two green apples

Consumer demand for premium products is changing the face of the food processing industry, from ingredients to packaging to equipment. Twenty-first-century consumers expect not only premium quality, but a degree of personalization that speaks to their particular health needs, tastes, and lifestyle. Andy Juarez deals with the day-to-day ramifications of the soaring popularity of premium […]

Dave Krishock, Kansas State University, Grain Science Industry

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Millennials Again? Dave Krishock | Kansas State University Another article about Millenials and their self-centered, tech enamored, job-hopping tendencies will be the downfall of the American workplace? Not quite! Look at the picture below: The five students show above are currently upperclassmen and women in the Bakery Science and […]

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