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Every food manufacturing process creates solid waste. What to do with that waste is a perpetual question in the industry. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a very high-priority question. Respondents to Food Processing magazine’s 2014 annual manufacturing trends survey ranked solid waste and wastewater management among their lowest priorities. It makes sense, perhaps, that companies focus […]

Considerations for Validation of Thermal Processes used in the Manufacture of Low Moisture Foods Recent outbreaks/recalls due to Salmonella in low-moisture foods, and pending FSMA Preventive Controls rules, make processing interventions an imperative to ensure product safety. Technologies including, ’legacy’ technologies previously designed to achieve quality outcomes, but not designed as ‘kill steps’ (e.g., drying […]

When you think about industrial-scale food preservation, it’s unlikely that old-fashioned Mason jars come to mind. Until relatively recently, however, most food manufacturers relied on processes similar to traditional canning. While such hot-fill methods produce shelf-stable products, they necessitate expensive packaging and can compromise product integrity.  Enter aseptic processing and packaging. This ever-growing technology has […]

Steve Smith, Purdue University, Department of Food Science

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Microwave Thermal Processing Steve Smith | Purdue University In 1947 Dr. Percy Spenser, working on a magnetron for microwave energy for Raytheon Corp., reached into his pocket and found a melted candy bar, a revolution had started. In 1965 Amana (owned by Raytheon) sold the first commercially made home […]

Efficiency — how to optimize it? And waste — how to minimize it? These questions fuel nearly every decision made today in the world of business and industry, from financial planning to industrial design. Companies want to avoid wasting both tangible assets — water, energy, product — and that great intangible — time. And then, […]


There’s no doubt that consumer demand for premium foods is having a significant impact on the food processing industry. Food manufacturers are scrambling to produce fresh, clean-label products to keep up with market enthusiasm. But the push for premium doesn’t only impact food processors. Companies that make equipment for use in food processing must also […]

Steve Smith, Purdue University, Department of Food Science

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) Steve Smith | Purdue University High Pressure and its effects on microorganisms has been studied for over 100 years. In 1884, Pascal tested the effects of pressure on microorganisms. Later that decade, preservation of various food products was tested at the West Virginia Agriculture station. […]

Dave Krishock, Kansas State University, Grain Science Industry

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Millennials Again? Dave Krishock | Kansas State University Another article about Millenials and their self-centered, tech enamored, job-hopping tendencies will be the downfall of the American workplace? Not quite! Look at the picture below: The five students show above are currently upperclassmen and women in the Bakery Science and […]