Alternative curing is no longer considered a “new” technology.  It has now been over 10 years since this unique approach to curing has been widely utilized in meat and poultry plants across the country.  However, the idea and concepts of alternative curing have been explored, investigated, and implemented (with marginal success) at some level for […]

Grocery store milk aisle

Heat exchangers have long been a vital tool for pasteurization, sterilization, and other food processing needs. And while the technology is mature, there’s still plenty of innovation happening. To learn more about it, we talked with Melissa Fryer, an engineer with 20 years’ experience and a food industry veteran who’s currently a manager for the […]

New to the baking industry? Have you ever wondered why bakers seem to talk a different language than everyone else? Take “Baker’s Percent” for example. This calculation is especially difficult to grasp for the engineering mind. Why do bakers use a special percent? Historically, baker’s percent has been used because of the functionality of wheat […]