[ October 12–15, 2021    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA ]



It’s coming. We’re down to the last few weeks before PROCESS EXPO and I’m sure your list is just like mine. You’ve got a million things on it that have to get done before you head to McCormick. Services orders Freight Shipment Staff schedule Travel plans Etc, etc, etc. you know the deal…. But the […]

Assortment of raw meats

The Food Processing Association (FPSA) today announced Tia Harrison, the co-founder and President of The Butchers Guild, will be hosting the session “Marketing and Rebranding for the Small and Mid-Sized Meat Processor” as part of our PROCESS EXPO University educational program. Tia Harrison is also Executive Chef and co-owner of Sociale Restaurant in San Francisco, […]

The Chicago Sampler networking event in the Beer Garden

The Food Processing Association (FPSA) today announced that this year’s PROCESS EXPO, taking place from October 8–11, 2019 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, will include an Oktoberfest celebration on Wednesday, October 9 beginning at 4:00 pm on the trade show floor in the PROCESS EXPO Beer Garden. This event is intended to celebrate the participation of […]

Cannabis cookies and brownies

With the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis across many states in the U.S., processors are finding the need to update and buy quality equipment to help meet demand and maintain compliance. At PROCESS EXPO, food and beverage processing suppliers will have access to several education sessions offering insights from cannabis experts discussing food safety, […]

PROCESS EXPO 2017 production line

The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) today announced support from several prominent bakery processors in putting on the live frozen pizza production line that will be on display on the PROCESS EXPO 2019 show floor during the event from October 8–11, 2019 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. These processors, who have generously donated materials for the […]


We don’t plan on starting promotion until after Labor Day. Marketing isn’t my area. I just oversee the booth. We’re focused on another show before then. What do you mean? We’re promoting our presence in this, this, this, and this. In a recent email to exhibitors, I raised the issue of promoting their booth presence […]

I’d venture to say that virtually every single exhibitor in this show could use one good new hire, if not more. I went through that earlier this year and know just how hard it is to find good people. That’s why we will be promoting the FPSA Job Board at PROCESS EXPO – to give […]

One new feature at this year’s show are the meeting rooms on the show floor in the rear of the hall. These rooms come in a variety of sizes (10×10, 10×20 and 20×20) and are meant to provide a space for our exhibitors to meet with their important clients or prospects during the show. Rooms […]

Following this year’s show, you’ll have a much better answer to that question than ever before, provided you have booked lead retrieval. One new benefit we will unveil after this year’s show is the post-show Booth Traffic Report that each exhibitor will receive.  This customized report will detail the breakdown of booth and aisle traffic […]