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Meat, Poultry, Seafood

Poultry in grocery store

Over the past five decades, American diets have shifted toward poultry. And today, poultry (mainly chicken) makes up roughly half of the meat Americans eat. This consumption pattern, which is being echoed around the world, will help the poultry processing equipment market to reach $4.11 billion over the next five years. Key factors in the […]

Raw Meat Sausages In Packing Box

Even with all of the new meat alternatives making their way onto grocery store shelves, the demand for processed meat remains high. And it’s growing fast. According to “Meat Processing Equipment Market, Global Forecast to 2022,” a market research report recently commissioned by FPSA, all processed meat categories will experience substantial growth over the next […]

Fruits in plastic crates at grocery store

With the constant population growth, the food processing industry is always striving to respond to increase in demand, for both quality and quantity. Customers are pushing for fresher, healthier products, while hygiene and sanitation need to meet the highest standards. Regulatory agencies are requiring more stringent food safety measures, for example, through the Food Safety […]

Fermented sausages, particularly dry sausages and semi-dry snacking items continue to show strong growth in the meat and poultry sectors.  Drivers of this include, among several others, a growing consumer interest for convenient snack items high in protein often viewed as nutrient-dense healthy foods, an increase in foodservice utilization for items such as pizzas, quick-serve […]

Delicious hamburgers

No one knows who invented the hamburger. (There does indeed seem to exist a link to the city of Hamburg, Germany. And at least two American cities claim to have popularized putting chopped and seasoned meat in between two pieces of bread.) But it’s very clear who was at the forefront of automated burger patty […]

Food for Thought Functional ingredients are essential for the manufacture of processed meat and poultry products.  They allow for their existence, they provide quality and consistency, and they offer food safety benefits not otherwise possible. From the inception of processed meat and poultry products and up until several decades ago, these products were made with […]

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