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Industry Perspectives

Efficiency — how to optimize it? And waste — how to minimize it? These questions fuel nearly every decision made today in the world of business and industry, from financial planning to industrial design. Companies want to avoid wasting both tangible assets — water, energy, product — and that great intangible — time. And then, […]


There’s no doubt that consumer demand for premium foods is having a significant impact on the food processing industry. Food manufacturers are scrambling to produce fresh, clean-label products to keep up with market enthusiasm. But the push for premium doesn’t only impact food processors. Companies that make equipment for use in food processing must also […]

The pending implementation of FSMA has put the food processing industry on high-alert around issues of food safety. Where does sanitary design fit into this safe new world? Food processing equipment manufacturers have long worked toward optimizing design to meet the greatest standards of hygiene and efficiency. With ill-defined standards, that hasn’t always been easy. […]

crackers with seeds

The food processing industry has always been attentive to the ingredients that go into its products. But we’re living in a time when that scrutiny is coming from without as well as within. From impending food safety legislation to contemporary consumer preferences, the relationship between food processors and their ingredients has never been so vital. […]

With FSMA coming up and more focus on food safety across the industry, we’re seeing major improvements in sanitary equipment design. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, advancements like non-overlapping surfaces and stainless steel materials enhance food safety by making food processing equipment much more accessible for maintenance and cleaning. One area of the food […]

PROCESS EXPO 2015 is almost here! To prepare for the show and to highlight the innovation and contributions of the companies that will be there, we’ve been exploring key trends in various food processing sectors. Previously, we interviewed leading members of the bakery and prepared foods markets to learn what’s happening in those industries. In […]