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Industry Perspectives


“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole.” You’ve probably heard this quote by Harvard professor Theodore Levitt. It illustrates the fact that people don’t buy products — they buy the benefits those products provide. It also describes TEGAM’s approach to temperature measurement. “People don’t just want a thermometer,” TEGAM […]

Food processing

Food plants operate best when everything is moving smoothly. But there’s one small piece of equipment that processors may not even notice that they count on every day to carry an impressive burden while navigating challenging plant environments: casters. They’re everywhere in food processing, but you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t given them much thought […]

Production Line In Modern Dairy Factory

Automation, sanitation, safety, efficiency, workforce challenges — these topics have formed the basis of most of the interviews we’ve done with food processing suppliers for this article series. So far, we’ve focused on how individual machines and systems help manufacturers and processors address these issues. To get a broader, process-level perspective, we recently talked to […]

Artisan bread

Is it possible for companies to create delicate bread products by machine without sacrificing the exquisite structure and quality found in handmade bread? That’s exactly what Rheon set out to accomplish when it got its start in the baking industry back in 1963. Rheon is a Japanese company built around the concept of rheology, “a […]

Semi-finished protein product

Could food recalls and their related illnesses be a thing of the past? Yes, according to Jay McEvoy, the Director of Food Processing, North America, at Cooper-Atkins Corporation. That is, as long as food processing companies adopt the latest technologies. In 2016, we interviewed Cooper-Atkins’ Scott D’Aniello to learn about how the company’s cutting-edge temperature […]

Non-alcoholic beer

Processors want greater throughput of higher-quality foods — this is a common theme we’ve heard from many of the equipment manufacturers we’ve interviewed for this blog. Maintaining quality, especially while increasing throughput, requires processing equipment that handles products gently, without damaging them. For many products, that means making sure you don’t overheat them during thermal […]


Safety and quality — these are the two most important characteristics of food. By extension, they’re also the most important characteristics of food processing equipment. As a manufacturer of progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps, NETZSCH has been in the safety and quality game a long time. The company has carved out a niche by […]