In three short months, the first attendees at PROCESS EXPO will be walking onto the show floor and looking at the new industry segment brochures and floor plans that list all of the exhibitors that sell to the segments they are interested in.  While they are looking at the brochure, they’ll be noticing that have […]

In a prior life, long before joining FPSA, I worked for a large chemical company run by, you guessed it, chemical engineers. In our just-in-time operations, when it came time to fight for product for my international customers, the product managers didn’t want to hear about how important a client was or our market share […]

Based on direct feedback from PROCESS EXPO attendees, it is critical to your success that your company is prepared to address all industry segments you serve or can adapt to serve. Please share some of these tips with the team who will be on-site at PROCESS EXPO: Bring more equipment! If the attendees walk by […]

Five Seconds to Catch My Eye

Give or take a few. That’s how long it takes me to walk by your booth. Why should I stop? Is it the pretty pictures on the posters? Is it the video display on the plasma? Is some catchy messaging you’ve got up on your signage? The truth is, I can get all of that […]

The 2019 Innovations Showcase at PROCESS EXPO will elevate the trends and new developments in food and beverage processing and packaging. You’ll earn exposure pre-show – all entries will be listed in the online Innovations Showcase Gallery at myprocessexpo.com. Finalists will have a speaking opportunity during Day 1 of PROCESS EXPO as well as added […]

Have you asked yourself that? With what a booth costs at ANY trade show, if you haven’t then maybe you are not in the right field. If you have asked yourself that question, what is the answer? Do you have one answer, or do you ascribe to what I call “kitchen-sink marketing” – in short, […]

PROCESS EXPO is committed to delivering easy-to-use tools to help you invite customers and prospects to visit your booth and see your new equipment. Last week you received your company’s personal dashboard from VIP Guest Invites. This complimentary service provides you with an exclusive comp code and a full set of customized pre-show marketing materials, […]

Plant-based burgers and hot dogs, hemp infused lemonade and cannabis gummies, single-serve pies and cakes, pet food meal enhancers and toppings, and ice cream that promotes sleep – what do all these products have in common? They were among the many products that attendees at the last PROCESS EXPO manufacture and/or were searching for suppliers […]

  It is never too early to think about an attention getting booth display! Investing in an exhibit/display/booth at a trade show provides plenty of exposure to a brand, but can take up a lot of your time, effort and money. It’s important that you maximize the opportunity. Here are 10 innovative ideas to take […]