Exhibitor Spotlight

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Biomist provides sanitizing products that are safe for both people and the environment. Using a solution of non-flammable concentrated alcohol, food processors can sanitize food production equipment in seconds, even hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Biomist’s formula requires no water, rinsing, or wiping, so it’s ideal for water-sensitive equipment. And because the non-corrosive solution rapidly evaporates, […]

Detectamet is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer, and distributor of detectable plastic tools and equipment. If any of these products fall into food processing equipment, metal and X-ray machines along the production lines will be able to detect whole products or pieces. With the largest array of patent-protected detectable products, Detectamet has helped thousands of […]

VC999 Packaging Systems has been designing and manufacturing packaging machinery for over 30 years. The company’s product line includes vacuum chamber machines, horizontal thermoforming (rollstock) form-fill-seal packaging machines, tray sealers, and skin packaging. VC999 and its sister brands — XtraPlast Packaging Materials and XtraVac Packaging Machines — are dedicated to helping customers find the right […]

RGF Environmental, established in 1985, is a leader in air, water, and food purification. Using a patented oxidation gas called Photohydroionization® to control pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and in food products, RGF is changing the way processors ensure food safety — for everything from beef, pork, poultry, and seafood to fruits, vegetables, and […]

Altech Corporation is a U.S. supplier of an extensive catalog of components and devices for use in industrial control, instrumentation, and medical and automation applications. Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from Dave Krochta, Altech’s National Sales Manager. What products does your company offer? We sell control and automation components. What […]

STOBER Drives has been in the industrial gearing industry since 1934. Backed by a three-year warranty, STOBER gearboxes are guaranteed to withstand the harsh chemicals and washdowns of the food processing environment, while delivering on performance, efficiency, and low noise operation. Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from Amy McCord, STOBER’s […]

Founded almost 75 years ago, WITT Gas Controls develops quality gas-related equipment, which is manufactured exclusively in Germany. The company specializes in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to help preserve food freshness and increase shelf life.   Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to, from WITT’s President, David Bell. What products does your company […]

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With more than 30 years of experience, Crown Polymers provides hygienic flooring solutions for food and beverage manufacturers. The company’s floor coatings meet the requirements of food safety regulations while offering a range of colors and finishes. Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 attendees can look forward to. What products does your company offer? Crown Polymers […]

ESI Group is a single-source design and construction firm specifically for food facilities. With over 25 years of experience and over 50 professionals on staff, they provide complete services for designing and building new facilities, renovations, and expansions. They are experts in temperature-controlled facilities and well-versed in the concepts of Leadership in Energy & Environmental […]

Serving the pizza industry since 1991, Quantum Technical Services manufacturers high-speed, automated topping equipment for applying sauce and cheese, as well as individually quick frozen (IQF), streusel, crumb, and dry ingredients. In addition to offering standard equipment, Quantum’s engineering team can custom design solutions to meet more specific production needs. Here’s what PROCESS EXPO 2019 […]