[ October 12–15, 2021    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA ]


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Dave Krishock, Kansas State University, Grain Science Industry

PROCESS EXPO | Expert in Residence Hydrocolloids and Specialty Starches Dave Krishock | Kansas State University Or do you know them as gums/stabilizers and modified starches? I recently presented two lectures to my Baking Science II students at Kansas State University, the first on Specialty Starches (Not Wheat or Maize) and the second on Hydrocolloids, […]

crackers with seeds

The food processing industry has always been attentive to the ingredients that go into its products. But we’re living in a time when that scrutiny is coming from without as well as within. From impending food safety legislation to contemporary consumer preferences, the relationship between food processors and their ingredients has never been so vital. […]

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